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Diwali Painting Jigsaw Puzzle Rectangle


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Celebrate the Festival of Lights with our enchanting “Diwali Painting” jigsaw puzzle. Immerse yourself in the radiant hues and intricate details of this festive masterpiece as you assemble each piece to reveal a stunning portrayal of Diwali’s joyous spirit. The puzzle showcases vibrant scenes of diyas, rangoli, and traditional motifs, capturing the essence of this auspicious occasion. Piece by piece, the puzzle comes alive with the warmth and brilliance that define the Diwali celebration. Whether you’re a puzzle enthusiast or simply looking for a unique way to usher in the festival, our Diwali Painting Jigsaw Puzzle promises a delightful and culturally rich experience. Embrace the magic of Diwali as you bring this beautiful puzzle to life, making it a perfect activity for family and friends during the festive season

18 x 12 inches, 24 x 16 inches, 36 x 24 inches


Level 1, Level 2, Level 3

Piece Count

96 pieces – 1.5 inch piece size, 216 pieces – 1 inch piece size, 160 pieces – 1.5 inch piece size, 384 pieces – 1 inch piece size, 384 pieces – 1.5 inch piece size, 864 pieces – 1 inch piece size


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