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About us

Rapturous is based out of Mumbai, India. Since December we have started working and developing tools for brain yoga. The first tool in our product line is specially crafted jigsaw puzzles for adults. The motivation for this work is to bring excitement in the field of Brain Gym and revolutionize the realms of Jigsaw puzzles, infused with Indian elements and India art work. The literature supports using Jigsaw puzzles for destressing and to maintain brain agility. It is a brain yoga for modifying the pace of cognitive ageing.

Life is a puzzle, and with patience and determination, we piece together its greatest moments, one beautiful memory at a time.

Our Story

To put it simply, our efforts is towards avoiding cognitive disorders as we age. Not having stress or emotional scars is not an option in the 21st century. So how to manage such emotional distressing. Jigsaw is one such tool that can be used irrespective of the age. There are published research articles on how Jigsaw puzzles help in de-stressing, as a therapeutic tool for anxiety, depression, addiction, post stroke rehabilitation, neurocognitive disorders and more.We amalgamated together as we all resonated with the cause of mind health. We have all seen some one in family or in friends circle suffering from mind health issue or age-related cognitive disorders. The mission that stitches the four of us together is to help everyone, including ourselves, families and friends to age gracefully and to enjoy the highs of old age.