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Join our collaborative puzzle-making journey! We’re passionately seeking talented artists and innovative minds to create extraordinary puzzles. Whether you excel in artwork creation or have groundbreaking puzzle ideas, let’s combine our expertise to craft captivating puzzles that delight puzzle enthusiasts worldwide. Let’s collaborate and make puzzle magic together!

Research - Academic Collaborations

Image of Ms Chetna Punia

Ms. Chetna Punia

Shunya Neurofeedback Clinic

Trainer and counselor with 9 years of experience in the providing Neurofeedback therapy. She is a permanent member of Asia Pacific Neurofeedback Association  (APNA) and a memeber of Asia Pacific Journal of Neurotherapy (APJNT) editorial team. Rapturous is taking her insights into developing better products that can used for therapy.

Collaborations with artists and designers

Khyati Hakani


Khyati Hakani, an internationally certified mixed media and mandala artist, brings over a decade of teaching experience to her art workshops in Mumbai. Explore her diverse expertise, from mandalas to 3D wall murals, and discover the option for custom artwork. Experience the world of art with KCraft World!

Media Collaborations

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Grow more with us

Media Collaboration Partner

Grow More With Us is a dynamic digital marketing agency specializing in innovative strategies to enhance online visibility and drive business growth. Their expert team combines data-driven insights with creative solutions to deliver outstanding results for clients in diverse industries.