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How Jigsaw puzzles help in cognitive ageing?

Let me first tell you what cognitive ageing is ! In simple words it is ageing of your brain with increase in number of years you spend on earth. The pace of cognitive ageing is different for different people. It is difficult to point out at a single factor responsible for the pace of cognitive ageing. It could be childhood malnutrition, young age fad diets, lack of exercise, trauma mental or physical, stress – recurring stress, lack of stress management, low water intake, low brain food intake, lack of sleep and more. We can have one or more than one triggers. 

We all know what Jigsaw puzzles are, however most of us do not consider it as an activity for adults. Some published research papers explain how Jigsaw puzzles aid in reducing the pace of cognitive ageing.

To begin with

  1. Jigsaw puzzles act as the point of break for the stressor. 
  2. Jigsaw puzzles give interstitial breathing space. 
  3. Jigsaw puzzle improve dexterity (we all have a dominant hand while the non-dominant hand is not used often. The left brain controls the movement of the right side of the body and the right brain controls the left side of the body. For most of us the dominant hand is right, we subsequently end up actively using the left side of the brain, whereas the right side is under used) Most people would solve the Jigsaw puzzle with both their hands, improving their dexterity 
    and hence engaging both the sides of the brain. 
  4. Jigsaw puzzles engages all the brain lobes while solving the jigsaw puzzle 
    (A published research claims that real cognitive benefits can be seen after one joins at least 9000 pieces over a period of time with certain amount of consistency).
  5. Visual perception, spatial recognition, short and long term memory, identifying orientation, alignment, subtle colour differences and shape of the piece all help in slowing down the cognitive ageing (brain ageing) process. 
  6. Customized photo puzzles help trigger a happy memory in older adults.
  7. Completing a Jigsaw puzzle ignites the feeling of accomplishment, which fuels confidence. 

The seemingly simple Jigsaw puzzles, have a lot more benefit than you can imagine. The refurbished usage of Jigsaw puzzle is a part of preventive health care. Jigsaw puzzles will take care of your cognitive ageing while you enjoy the process of piecing together. 

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