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Precision solutions for timeless brain vitality

Physical and mental ageing is inevitable, however the pace of ageing is in our complete control. We can decide on how slowly we would want to age. In the midst of stressful life pacing at a Mach speed what can we do to control the pace. It is futile to say that reduce stress, don’t get worried, things will be fine, etc etc. Again these are inevitable prognosis of our lifestyle. Nothing much can be done on the trigger part. So what is it that can be done to have control over your pacing age. I will confine to brain ageing, as it is the least spoken about.  To have real control over the pace of brain ageing, we need to make a slight lifestyle change. We need to ensure that we are equipped with tools. For eg Mandala colouring books, Sudoku, and some more brain teasing- brain relaxing activities. I found a particular interest in Jigsaw puzzles after reading few published research articles on this. Before I elaborate more on the Jigsaw puzzle front, I would like to mention, that we must engage with more than one format of activity so as to engage your brain enough.

Jigsaw puzzles form a wholistic approach engaging all the vital faculties of your brain. There are research publications that propose that individual should adapt solving a Jigsaw puzzle on regular bases. To see real cognitive change/ cognitive enhancement the individual should solve different jigsaw puzzles over a period of time ( approximately 3 months or up 9100 pieces, maintaining the persistency. We are naturally inclined to overuse certain sections of our brain and under use the other sections. Limited dexterity as an outcome of advocating the use of one hand over the other is one popular example of over using one side of  the brain.

Jigsaw puzzles are tools to build new and deeper neural pathways, to enhance the RAM of short and long term memory and to develop fine motor skills. All in all Jigsaw puzzle is a precision tool to control the pace of  brain ageing in an entertaining way.

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