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Manage Brain Age with Brain Yoga - Crafted Jigsaw Puzzles

It is so common to hear, “Oh I forgot so and so thing, aah ! I am getting old.” I am over 60 years old, don’t expect me to remember; I don’t remember where are my documents; and more. We are all so used to thinking that it is okay to forget as you age and the epoch for which is as soon as you hit 60.

There is a surge in content centred around physical fitness, nutrition and more. Mind fitness is also something that requires attention. Managing brain age is not a onetime affair it is a life style change. One needs to deliberately take care of the Brain by timely and adequately stimulating it. Jigsaw puzzles for adults are a genre of puzzles which are not very difficult and also not very easy, it Is just a perfect blend that will stimulate your brain and destress you just enough. The colour blends, line alignments, repetitive and non-repetitive pattern, piece shape, piece size are all meant to stimulate all the lobes of your brain.

Each of your brain lobe is responsible for a different function, while solving a Jigsaw puzzle the individual is uses multiple functions. For example identifying the piece, locating the placement of the pieces, rotating the piece to find the right orientation, remembering the piece just in case you are unable to locate the right place to fit in. The overall engagement while solving a jigsaw puzzle is quite enticing. It is also a task with quite a certain ending. In all possibility if you start a Jigsaw, you will finish it. The activity inculcates a sense of accomplishment, making your brain happy as soon as you fit in the last piece. The continuous release of endorphins whenever one finds and places the pieces correctly also helps to keep your brain happy for a longer time. Jigsaw puzzles act as a breather, stress buster and rejuvenating tool.